Downsizing/Moving/Estate Cleanouts

Transitional Design provides move management services.  We can help anyone of any age downsize and move.  We are a member of the National Association for Senior Move Managers (NASMM).  It’s quite common for today’s seniors to have been in their current home for 30 years or more.  Leaving a home is often a daunting and emotional experience.  Our insured, ethical and caring staff are trained to assist in every aspect of a move.   Deciding what to do with everything you don’t want to move is often just as challenging as the move itself.

Move Management Services

The Transitional Design team can help to minimize the chaos and stress associated with moving by addressing all aspects of the move process.  We create and execute a seamless action plan customized to our clients’ wishes.  Our clients’ comfort is our priority, and services are personalized to promote their dignity and meet their needs.  To sum it up, what we really offer is peace of mind.

Services include:

  • Pre-move preparation, which includes sorting through what you currently have and helping you decide what to move, give to family or friends, sell, donate or dispose.
  • Floor planning for your new home to determine which furniture pieces will fit.
  • Professionally packing for your move.
  • Moving you locally or referring a mover for long-distance relocation.
  • Settling in services to simplify your arrival.  We unpack all boxes, put everything in its place, and remove all boxes and packing materials.
  • Loving care for your pets to help accommodate them in your new home.  We also do our best to find a good home for the furry or feathered friends you cannot move with you.


Transitional Design provides aging-in-place services.  Moving may not be the best decision for you or your aging family member right now due to personal choice, financial considerations, etc.  But you still desire a change.  Homes often become cluttered with “stuff.”  Our homes may not work for us as well as they did a few years ago (or maybe decades ago).  Transitional Design can declutter, organize, and recommend home modifications.

Transitional Design’s focused services accomplish a great deal in very little time, so you save both time and money.  The result:  You are happier with how your home looks and feels . . .  and it’s much safer!

Services include:

  • Defining your visions: “Where do we begin?”  We can help you prioritize what areas need work.
  • Creating a floor plan and repurposing your existing space so it works better for you NOW.
  • Evaluating what you want and need in your home.
  • Helping you decide what will be donated, sold or discarded, and executing your wishes.
  • Determining your future needs and simplifying your homesite to help you enhance your lifestyle.
  • Exploring home care maintenance concerns.
  • Reducing home safety concerns and eliminating common in-home hazards.
  • Recommending professionals to make home modifications such as grab bars, walk-in bathtubs, electric chair climbers and more.

Estate Cleanouts

Transitional Design can do a complete cleanout of an estate after someone has moved or passed away.  Many families are left in a quandary about what to do and how to clean out an entire home.  They are afraid to throw out something that may be valuable , and often don’t know where to start or don’t have the time to do it themselves.

In many cases, the amount of money Transitional Design can save the customer by cleaning out the home in a matter of days, more than pays for our services.  The house is usually the biggest asset of an estate.  Even if the mortgage is paid; the taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc still must be paid.

Services Include:

  • Taking whatever is sellable back to our 15,000 square foot facility for sale via our resale store or online auction.  Everything is sold on consignment, and the seller or executor will receive their percentage from the sale.  If the estate has a large amount of good furniture and belongings, we can provide an online auction from the house or have an on-site estate sale.
  • Putting all trash in a dumpster or hauling it to a landfill.
  • Donating of items we won’t sell that are too nice to throw away.
  • Disposing of hazardous waste according to city guidelines
  • Shredding service for confidential papers.
  • A one time pre-sale home cleaning so the house can go on the market
  • Home staging service to improve the home’s presentation and expedite the sale.


We are a proud member of the Broadview Heights, Hudson, and Greater Akron Chambers of Commerce.