Do you negotiate prices?

All our items are under contract with our consignors and follow a reduction schedule. We will not lower the price beyond what we have it listed at, unless otherwise marked.


What happens if my items don’t sell? 

We do our very best to make sure that all items sell.  We display everything beautifully and do extensive advertising on social media.  Items that don’t sell in the store, depending on value, will be marked down at 30 days then again at 60 days and at 90 days will be put on our online auction.  Clothing and accessories that don’t sell will be marked down at 30 days then donated at 60 days, with the exception of high-end clothing, handbags and accessories, those will be sold on our online auction.  Items with no bids will be donated.


Do you accept returns?

Items are not returnable.  We do not own most of the items in our store as they are on consignment, and we may have already paid out the consignor.  You may measure or take pictures of the items before purchasing and call and pay for them over the phone.


How do we price our items?

We look at several factors, including what the price was new, the age of the item and the condition.  We will then price it between 50% and 75% of the original retail price.


Do you have a frequent buyer program?

Yes, we have our loyalty program!  You earn points on each store purchase (auction items are excluded) and once you reach 500 points you will receive $10 off your purchase.


Can I use my payout from sold items toward new purchases in the store?

Of course!  If we have not mailed your check to you, it is in our system as store credit.  You may use that toward any items in our resale store.  You may also choose not to receive checks and always have your commission set up as store credit.


Do you sell Gift Cards?

We do!  You can purchase gift cards of any dollar amount and you can use them for the store, our online auctions and even our services (moving, downsizing, etc.).  You can even pay for them over the phone and we can mail them to you, or to whomever you are gifting it to.