Repurposed Furniture

Transitional Design believes in reducing waste that ends up in landfills.  We often buy well-made furniture that has seen better days:  scratched, gouged, missing drawers.  We buy exclusively from the customers we are downsizing and doing cleanouts for and our artist repurposes these pieces.

We are fortunate to have some amazing and talented artists and craftsmen, who repair and paint furniture and transform it into beautiful pieces.

Why buy repurposed furniture?  You will have a one-of-a-kind, statement piece that no one else will have.   Show everyone how trendy and stylish you are!

Do you own a piece of furniture that needs a facelift?  Sign up for our painting class and learn how to do it on your own.  You will start and finish a piece within the 4 hour class.  And . . . it’s fun!

Call 440-627-6390 and ask for Mary to inquire about a class.  We also offer private classes for groups up to 6 people (prepaid group rate of $250).

Transitional Design is a distributor for Fusion Mineral Paint.  We have tried many paint lines over the years and are thrilled with the quality, ease-of-use, coverage and flexibility of the Fusion paint line.  We carry all colors.

Top 5 Reasons to buy Fusion Mineral Paint:

  1. Built in top coat – no waxing needed.
  2. Minimal prep.
  3. Zero VOC and virtually odorless
  4. Exceptional coverage and UV Resistant
  5. Waterproof and can be used outdoors