Free Consultation on Everything You Need to Know About Downsizing, Decluttering, & Estate Clean-Outs

Declutter Go
 Transitional Design and Wholly Organized will be offering a Free Decluttering Consultation

Nancy Sheeler, owner of Transitional Design, will be offering you a FREE consultation of Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Downsizing, Decluttering, and Estate Clean-Outs.  Stop in to chat and see how we can help you meet your goals in 2022. Transitional Design has provided complete downsizing services and estate cleanouts for the past ten years; offering peace of mind to countless customers.


Lynne Poulton, owner of Wholly Organized!® has over 25 years experience as a Licensed Social Worker and 10 years as a Certified Professional Organizer. She helps her clients tackle the clutter in their minds and homes with an aim to live their best life. Lynne created an amazing game to help you declutter & get organized! In addition, she has shown her organizational skills on several episodes of Hoarders. Come learn about the first ever decluttering and organizing game – Declutter Go!®