Looking Back Over the Past 11 Years

In 2011, my friend Nancy Sheeler invited me and two other friends of hers to join her for lunch. She said she had a business idea that she wanted to share with us, and that sounded very interesting. We each had recently retired; Nancy and Joan from IBM; Millie and I from teaching. As we sat and enjoyed our lunches, Nancy told us about the move she had just helped her in-laws make. She used all the words associated with moves: stress, packing, designing a floor plan. It was her idea to provide a service to seniors to make this transition easier for other families than it had been for hers. What could be more satisfying than being involved in helping others? This was the beginning of the business that is now known as Transitional Design.

For about a year our fearless leader shared her idea with as many people and businesses that she could find. In 2012 we got our first job.  We organized, packed, and cleaned a lovely home in Brecksville to make it ready to sell. Little did we know that that first job would develop into a business that today houses a 10,000 square foot warehouse in Broadview Heights with 38 employees, an absolutely beautiful retail store, on-line auctions with more than 350 lots per week, a moving division which includes 5 move trucks and 15 movers, a design team that offers Re-design, and an artist who repurposes furniture.  Sue K. (one of the first employees and a Senior Move Manager)

If you haven’t visited Transitional Design, add it to your bucket list! We can’t wait to meet you!

Transitional Design Team
Transitional Design Team at our 2022 Holiday Party