Repurposed Furniture Store Cleveland – Akron Ohio Area

Transitional REdesign is a repurposed furniture store conveniently located to serve Cleveland, Akron/Canton, Medina and surrounding communities.

Come shop our 5,000 square foot repurposed furniture store with an ever-changing collection of unique and stylish upcycled furniture!

If you've recently shopped for furniture, you probably noticed that much of what is on the market is inexpensive composite material. It’s cheap to manufacture and it’s not the quality we once knew. While there are some who seek inexpensive furniture as a quick fix, there are many who still want quality, but don’t want to pay a fortune to get it.

So how do you find quality pieces without overpaying?

Transitional REdesign is the repurposed furniture store division of our business. We operate in coordination with Transitional Design, the source of our ever-changing collection of furniture. These pieces come from homeowners who are downsizing and simply don’t have a need for dining room sets, bedroom sets and other items.

Some pieces are beautiful as they are, and can be purchased in our resale shop, Transitional Treasures, or through one of our online auctions. Other items are looking a little exhausted and would likely have found their way to a landfill. But we see the potential in each piece. We know that if an item is solidly built, it still has years of good use ahead of it – it just might need a little face lift!  Local artists refinish each piece, bringing it new life and years of more enjoyment.

Our selection includes beautiful work by local artists from around Northeast Ohio.  We are constantly receiving new designs; so visit our showroom regularly to see what is new.  We can also accommodate requests for custom pieces at your specifications.

Repurposed Furniture Store - Add Style To Your Home

Table stand from our repurposed furniture store.The idea of furniture repurposing, or upcycling is a big trend right now.

Savvy shoppers don’t want to pay crazy amounts of money for brand new furniture. Even Martha Stewart has embraced repurposed furniture in her decor.

The idea of re-using furniture is green and environmentally friendly because it saves items from ending up in a landfill.

Examples of up-cycling are turning bed headboards into a bench, doors into desks or entertainment centers into a play kitchen. Up-cycling ideas and the new use of a piece is only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Homeowners and renters can find incredibly unique pieces they would never find in a big box retailer. Our collection of unique repurposed furniture for sale is constantly changing. We encourage you to visit our repurposed furniture shop regularly to see what we have available. You never know when that perfect upcycled furniture piece will be available!


Learn How to Repurpose Furniture

Our upcoming furniture repurposing classes are included below. For more information, contact us here.