Decorating with Vintage Furniture

If you’re trying to think of a way to add more personalized, unique décor throughout your home or office, consider adding some vintage furniture into the mix! Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to buy brand new furniture. Bypass modern furniture stores for a resale shop like Transitional Treasures and find that perfect piece to complete any room in your home.

The Appeal of Vintage Furniture

There are a lot of advantages to decorating with vintage or antique furniture. First of all, it’s generally very well made and will hold up in your home for many years to come. Vintage furniture will hold its value over time; it’s possible it can even increase in value!

Vintage furniture was not mass-produced, so each piece is individual and unique in its own way. Plus, if your pieces were handed down by a family member, that makes them all the more special. It’s a way to keep part of your family history alive in your home.

Plus, reusing furniture is great for the environment and the local economy. Buying vintage furniture from a local resale shop keeps these items out of landfills and keeps the value of the materials within your home and community. Personalizing a piece of antique or vintage furniture by painting it or adding new upholstery can help keep local hardware or craft stores open, too.

Finally, purchasing vintage furniture can also be a much less costly way to fill up those empty spaces in your home.

Mixing Vintage Furniture with Modern Furniture

Decorating with vintage furniture offers a great way to add some contrast to the rooms in your home. Even the most modern or contemporary room can benefit from some classic pieces. Blending in vintage furniture provides a way to break up some of the monotony of those pieces all from the same era, and can add some real personality within the space.

Vintage furniture also tends to be “trend-proof”. Of course there are always pieces that bring a specific era to mind, but in general, the classic lines and construction of vintage furniture will never truly go out of style.

As we mentioned, you can repurpose vintage furniture as well. This means adding some new paint or stain, replacing fabric or upholstery, or even turning the item into a new piece entirely. This allows a way for you to work the vintage piece into your color scheme or style. By personalizing furniture through repurposing, you can create a one of a kind piece for your home, and feel a great sense of accomplishment by doing so!

By decorating with vintage furniture, you’ll create a unique, comfortable home that reflects your own personal style.

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