Organizational Tips for Small Spaces

If you’ve recently downsized your home, you may be struggling with the fact that you have fewer storage places within your new, smaller space. Even if you’ve gotten rid of a lot of your belongings before you moved, finding storage in your new home or apartment might be a challenge. However, there are some simple things to do to get your new living space organized and tidy.

Small Space Organization

Adjusting to your smaller living space might take a little while. You might notice that it seems like clutter is gathering in different areas, like your tables and countertops, or stacks of belongings in the corners of the rooms when you feel like you just have no other place to put things. Take note of the areas where you can use more storage and start your organization process from there.

Get a little creative with your organization and storage tactics with these easy tips to organize your small living space:

Define the space. Maybe your new living space is a loft or one-room apartment. You can define the living spaces, separating the “bedroom” from the “living room” by placing a bookcase in the center of the room. You can use this bookcase for storage of all types of belongings by adding pretty baskets or storage boxes for things like paper clutter or even for extra storage of your toiletries and kitchen items.

Furniture that doubles as storage is key!  When you’re choosing furniture for your new home, look for items that double as storage. For instance, ottomans that can hold throw blankets, magazines and remote controls. An armoire or large dresser can store not only clothing, but things like towels and extra toiletries.

Install shelves wherever you can. Maximize the storage space you do have by adding extra shelving. Install shelves in your closet so you can store things besides just your clothes. Putting shelves in a bathroom helps get a small space like that organized, especially if you’re short on storage in your linen closet (or don’t have a linen closet at all!). A kitchen is also a prime location to add shelving to organize your spices, canned goods and even some utensils.

Look up. Go vertical when you’re short on space! Along with adding shelves to walls, if you need to get organized in your tiny kitchen, hang pots and pans can be hung from a rack on the ceiling to free up space in your cabinets.

Get creative. Look for ways to get organized by assessing areas of your home that could be utilized for storage. For example, if you have a space under a staircase you can hang hooks for coats or umbrellas. Hang extra shelving in the space above doorways or behind doors. Make the most out of your empty wall space and you might be surprised by how much extra storage you can find to help your home stay neat and organized.

What are some of your ideas small space organization?

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