Trends in Furniture Painting

Painting furniture is quickly becoming a popular way to repurpose it to create a new, unique piece that matches any décor already in your home. By adding a fresh coat of paint, you add new life to the furniture. Better yet, furniture painting can save you money!

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The Latest Furniture Painting Trends

Make a vintage piece look modern with the latest furniture painting trends! A few techniques that are widely used today include:

Chalk paint. Chalk paint is one of the easiest paints to work with because it generally requires very little preparation, like sanding or priming. Chalk paint was developed by Annie Sloan over twenty years ago, and we can’t recommend her paint enough! You’re guaranteed to love the results chalk paint provides- not to mention how easy it is to use.

Matte finishes. Matte paint provides a smooth, flawless finish that looks just amazing. Dark matte paint is seen more often than lighter finishes, and adds a certain sophisticated look to any piece. Darker colors add texture to lighter rooms and help balance out the space.

Distressed/Antique finishes. Also called “shabby chic” adding a distressed finish to your furniture is a trend that’s been around for a while and is here to stay. You might purchase a piece of vintage or antique furniture and add more “character” to it by hitting it with a hammer or roughly sanding it after you’ve painted it to add more texture to change the look.

Bright colors. A brightly painted piece of furniture draws the eye to it immediately and instantly creates an accent in any room of your home. A bright piece of furniture can help wake up any space in your home, from an armoire in the bedroom to a fun accent table in your entryway.

Using artistic elements. If you’ve got a bit of artistic talent, add flowers, birds, swirls or stripes to your painted furniture to make it truly unique.

Add metallics. Add a little metallic paint to your next furniture painting project to create some shine and interest to the piece. A little bit does go a long way! For example, paint just the outer rim of a table in a shiny gold leaf paint to highlight the edges of the piece. Or, if your furniture has brass hardware, paint it in silver or gold to instantly update it.

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