Creating Storage out of Repurposed Vintage Furniture

A tale of how repurposed vintage furniture can add style to your home.

Buying vintage furniture for your home is an affordable way to add some personality to your living space. Whether you’re keeping the piece in its current state, or adding new upholstery and paint to match your décor, adding a few unique pieces throughout your home can help add some extra character.

However, vintage furniture can have more than one use through repurposing. One of the most creative ways to reuse classic pieces is to turn it into something new entirely- like using it for unique home storage, for example! Let's look at some repurposed furniture diy ideas.

Home Storage from Repurposed Vintage Furniture

Everyone needs more home storage, right? Having a spot readily available for all our “stuff” to keep it from cluttering coffee tables and countertops is important when it comes to keeping your house tidy and clutter-free.

We have a new repurposed furniture store where we've upcycled pieces that you can purchase.  Or, with a little creativity and a few hours for a fun DIY project, after your pick up your new favorite piece of furniture from our resale shop, here are just a few ideas to turn items into useful storage for your home:

This dresser is a repurposed vintage furniture piece.Turn a dresser into shelves for linens. If your current linen closet is overflowing with extra blankets, sheets and towels, simply remove the drawers from an old dresser, add some pretty paint and you have a lovely way to store those linens. Or, by using these shelves as storage instead of the closet, you’ll have more room to store other items out of the way in the closet.

Use old drawers for under-bed storage. You can store much more than dust bunnies underneath your bed! If you have a dresser you aren’t currently using and are considering trashing, hold on to the drawers. Add some wheels to the bottom so you can easily roll them out from under the bed anytime you need access to these items.

Convert an armoire into a craft closet. Armoires are large pieces of furniture that offer endless possibilities for home storage! You can use them in the kitchen as extra pantry space, keep them in the office to store documents and supplies, or even turn them into storage for all your craft supplies!

Create a bench with storage for your entryway. The foyer or entryway of our homes can easily get cluttered with shoes, coats, and backpacks. You can easily turn an old headboard into a bench with storage underneath to keep everything out of the way and your guests from tripping over all those shoes piled near the front door.

repurposed coffee stationUse an end table for a cute coffee station. Here’s a great idea we had a Transitional Treasures - we repurposed an old end table into an adorable coffee station for your kitchen!  Everything you need to make that perfect cup of joe can be kept off your counter and out of precious cabinet space.

Now is the perfect time to start a fun DIY project you can feel proud of! Make sure you swing by our resale shop to find that amazing piece you can make all your own. You can also get some ideas or purchase items already repurposed and ready for your home!

Repurposed vintage furniture can be purchased at Transitional REdesign, our repurposed furniture Cleveland Ohio area store that serves all of Northeast Ohio.